$12000 UGC Scholarship programmed Online degree (USP) Fully Funded Scholarship


The University of Groningen is happy to announce that its annual scholarships are on for the Liberal Arts and Sciences program is entirely educated in English. It will empower you to outline an educational module that is as interesting as you may be. You will be instructed in little classes where the training is on an exceptionally intelligent with a solid concentrate on community-oriented, venture based learning. The best of it this scholarship comes with many supporting the facts that its accredited online and it’s from an know source. All through the degree, you will work in interdisciplinary groups on a progression of ventures that will empower you to figure out how to apply an inventive approach to discovering answers for complex worldwide difficulties. The University College Groningen, Netherlands is cheerful to announce the accessibility of the Fully Funded International Undergraduate grants at University College Groningen 2019/2020 This prowess of the scholarship aims at ensuring that student gains a secure grip in their education systems. In most cases, the student is taken through legal training to help them actualize their avenue of career.

Scholarship Description

The University of Groningen is aimed at promoting the most coherent education system to the individual who is articulate in research. The entire undergraduate will have a grip in ensuring that the descriptive study of the model will help them establish the node of research. All those with vigor in research are most welcome to provide that they soar high.


  • The student must not have benefited from the scope of this scholarship
  • A student must have good grades in their secondary school
  • No form of crime while in secondary school
  • Must be 18 years and above

Academic requirement

The USP scholarship is planned for students with a high academic profile, however, who require monetary help to ponder further their education. Have great proof of social engagement and extracurricular exercises which may booster your demand for financing. UGC intends to compensate students with incredible desire, and who additionally have an extraordinary enthusiasm for social engagement and who which is resolved to have a constructive outcome during their studies at UGC. There are two USP scholarships accessible for the scholastic year of 2018/2019

How to apply

Students must submit a motivation letter containing not more than 100 words in a word document format which explains why you should be considered in this program, why do you deserve this grants and the financial assistance. All documents must be informed of MS words

The deadline for application is August 1, 2019

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