College of Europe, Belgium 2018-2019 Graduate Programed Scholarships PhD


The College of Europe is happy to welcome students from European Neighborhood Policy nations to apply for this scholarship that is granted to seek after postgraduate examinations amid the academic year 2019/2020. The College of Europe (CE) which is a very theoretical ground in foundations of Bruges and Belgium is most autonomous college establishment of postgraduate learning in European examinations. The school was established in late 1949 by such driving European figures and founders of educations to prepare youthful administrators for Europe majorly in the field of education. It has the statuesque of Foundation of Public Interest and working as indicated by Belgian law noted since 1993 the school likewise has additional grounds in Warsaw, Poland.

Scholarship Description

The CE College aimed at providing the most technocratic learning platform. Those willing to undertake significant research in National administration will benefit most from this offer. The student will be regarded as per the need and the fate of the scrutiny.

Selection criterion

The administration support through the Vice-chancellor committee will review the applications in an open forum, and upon their discussion, the successful candidates will be contacted. Those with the half-filled document will not be assessed

Academic qualification

The College of Europe has two working dialects in English. Applicants may make some applications to some examination for those without required points for TOELF. At times applicants conceded based on particular dialect notch of excellence. This will depend on performance on entrance exams.

Benefits of the Scholarships

The scholarship is available for master’s degree in Belgium. Learning has some value added base which includes the accommodation, meals, travel cost, and on their academic expenses.


Every candidate is needed to have acquired some high level education in order to pursue master’s degree. In order to gain admission in the University of Bologna you got to have 250 ECT credit, also you should check the aggregate points which aligns your scope of study. Substantial accreditation will be considered to that student furthering extensive study from technical courses.

How to apply

Applications are supposed to be submitted through the university portal with a clear position of the claim. All documents should be informed of Microsoft word.

The deadline for application is September1, 2019.

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