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The new Zeeland government together with the universities is happily to announce the open grant for the scholarship. This chance was started back in the 2013 where all the opportunity is open for masters in Business field. The scholarship will help the most diligent and bright student get the chance in delivering their node of study to another level. Masters education will cater the full tuition fee accommodation, and monthly stipend. The available opportunities only cut across various business unit which will aggregates the move of the economy at large.

Scholarship Description

The main target tends to upgrade decent variety scopes of study for candidates. The university is aimed in probating the necessary, advanced study to a student who is willing to attenuate the scope of the business. The benefit of this scholarship is that it covers the main genre of whole education stipend. Only those with high academic performances will be accrued to necessary critical support. The learning of the scholarship will be monitored by the university supervisor. It involves the end of the academic year project which will earn marks for aggregating the final degree. Most of these courses some unit will be covered at large which will attenuate the learning scope of the student doing some research. The university ensures that the entire student gaining this scope will have serene environment for learning .All the degree from our universities are endorsed and recognized in the whole world.

Selection criterion

After all, an application is made the university review chosen by the university sit down and discusses the fate of the entire applicant. All keen scrutiny are articulated to ensure that all the themes and resources need are met

Eligible Countries

All the Internationals

Academic qualification

  • Must be 25 years and above
  • Should have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university
  • Must ensure that they have the excellent conduct of ethics code
  • Must have all academic transcript
  • Good communication in English both written and oral

How to apply

All students who wish to ask the MBA needs to submit their document through the university portal not late than the indicated date. All the text should be in PDF form

Results are dictated by a selection panel and are generally one month after submission

Deadline for this scholarship is until August 15, 2019

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