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The government of UK and its subsidiaries are pleased to invite all the Applicants for up to 90 Postdoctoral partnerships Program open to all candidates of all nationalities. The EuroTech Universities Alliance foundation aims at steering the node of research to ensuring that the grip of research is much well endorsed. It welcomes profoundly capable experienced specialists to submit interdisciplinary community examine venture proposition for one of the cooperation’s gave by the EuroTechPostdoc Program. The EuroTechPostdoc Program is a postdoctoral (Ph.D.) partnership program for youthful experienced scientists who have effectively exhibited brilliance and resilience of research. The European technology for the Universities Alliance as an essential organization of international driving colleges of science and innovation, together they are focused on discovering specialized arrangements, which may address the significant difficulties of present-day society. Their Improved joint effort crosswise over research, training, and advancement booster the EU’s objectives of keen, manageable and comprehensive development

Scholarship Description

The EuroTechPostdoc is aimed at supporting student who wants to pursue their research at the high notch. This will make sure that the node of research needs to be articulated together. Researched for many years, it has helped us to know what problem and its nature of nodes. The study will be in the scope of research In a given path mostly in technology.

Areas of study

The offer fellowship is fully announced for all candidates , and successful students will focus on the following areas;

  • Bio medical engineering
  • Urban safety mobility
  • Statistics analysis
  • Computer programming
  • Marketing advertising

Academic qualification

  • The student must have both masters and undergraduate degrees in their academic level
  • Must have an authentic research proposal
  • Must have all letter of clearances from the recognized department.
  • All transcripts of the year of study

Benefits of the education

The fellowship research program for Ph.D. comprises of a month to month compensation for the postdoctoral scientist in light of the pay size of the host foundation and is conceded for a time of two years most maximum. Prolongation of the program isn’t conceivable. Should the division wish to utilize the kindred after the end of the EuroTechPostdoc partnership, another agreement must be drawn.

How to apply

All students should ensure that all documentation is well typed and all are in formatted correctly. Timely deliverance of the content document should be highly considered.

The fellowship deadline is until September 28, 2019.

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