Pro Stock Hockey Student-Athlete Scholarship 2018 at Olympic University


The Olympic University is happy to announce the open chances for scholarship in the field of athletes and pro Hockey learning. It has taken note of the student who has the passion for venturing in the fields but has no capabilities. The university is deemed to providing the student with the best learning environment to ensuring that all grips in the area is understood. Pro Stock Hockey isn’t just a solid supporter of sorted out hockey however of training too. They are glad to have the capacity to help to improve the sector of sport through hockey

The scholarship description

Globally mostly in underdeveloped sectors, most students have gross in trending up the vast scope of sports. It is not offered to the basics since all the cages seem to demean the effort. University of Olympics has found it wise to give the aspirant with vigor to venture in this scope to develop. Through the Pro Stock Hockey Student-Athlete Scholarship, they grant the triumphant students an amount of $1,000 US Dollar to be utilized toward his or her degree. Likewise, we give $250 book grants to the two runners-up.

Required Qualifications

To qualify, undergrad or post graduate go to  authorized school college and play for institution team group.

Must also be a member of a registered Hockey team with all legit documents?

Should have the certificate of participation

Selection Criterion

The review committee will sit down and review all the application to make sure that all the student who goes through the program is the best. The entire application letter will be displayed in the significant commitment and upon their scrutiny will they have the decision made. Only that student who will pass this test will have an offer to pursue their dreams.

How to apply

The entire student is supposed to make their application through the university portal. The document should be addressed in English and MS word

Due date

The application deadline for this offer will be between date 5 august and 5 September

Students must fill up the online application at the official website link here:

Must provide all the necessary details needed to be modified and incomplete form will be disregarded. No further information added to this scholarship.

Important to note

All the scholarship application should be made at the prescribed date and should ensure all are well delivered.

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