The great 2019 Scholarship for MBA Online degree


The is a tremendous academic organization which desires to attenuate the financial support to the needy student. The decided to give a yearly scholarship amounting to 1,000$ US Dollar to one fortunate student in any degree. The amount will be sent directly to the university or college financial office for the successful student who will win the grant. The scholarship is aimed at meeting the desire of the less fortunate student across the globe to ensuring that they get the right standard education. This scholarship is designed for all complete full time studenship, who are currently admitted to a university or college.

Scholarship Description

Academic qualification

  • The student must have a good record in their levels of education
  • The student must possess good grammar flow both the oral and written.
  • The student must be of 18 years and above
  • All international students are eligible to apply with a base aggregate GPA of 3.0, or higher are qualified to win the grant. No age prerequisite.

About the award

This is an essay based competition which the students must write a composition consisting of 1,000 words. The theme for the piece is about “Crosswords, more than just a puzzle game.” To test their credibility upon the student, they shall compete with other participant to prove their authenticity. The essay should be in PDF form for the piece you have written at scholarships [at] In that essay, students must write their personal information such as name, school or university currently enrolled and contact details.

Selection Criterion

Mostly all the application will be through the website where the entire easy test will be administered to ensure that the test cover the accredited swiftness and fastness. The review committee will show up and review the easy upon the flow and all English manure dialects.

How to apply

All application will be reviewed by the staffs, and winners will be announced on the 15th of December 2019 at the site. The entire interested participant will need to make sure that the entire document is in the genuine need and intended format.

Please note that all submitted essay will be posted online.

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