The HURI/Ukrainian Studies Fund Research Fellowship 2018/2019 Online degree PhD


Are you looking for a fund to attenuate you scope of research to attain a PHD? Don’t worry a chance is at your hand. The Huri fellowship is happy to announce the offer for all the post graduate opportunity. This fellowship is aiming at helping the student to undertake their research further, jointly with Ukrainian government the offer comes with various benefit which helps student stay at the university and gain their knowledge in the research. Research is one of the vital scopes if taken seriously, it helps discover some furthered ideas which helps improve the scope of technology, business and economic stabilization. This offer will only take a few students who have actualized the sustainable development for the vision of the world.

Offer Description

Deadline of the offer: August/2019

Course: PhD position

Core subject: The offer is available for the research only through directed filled

The Award: The scholarship will cater for the full scholarship and any other living costs

The offer monthly stipend is $3000

Other upcoming cost of research will be granted through $ 1500

A yearly stipend Euros 15000

The tuition fee for the award:

About $56000 will cater the tuition fees since it’s a limited offer.

Both the international students and Ukrainian are eligible

The offer will be granted for the three years full time

Eligibility for the award:

Likely countries: Ukraine/EU student is eligible can make applications

Full Tuition waiver for the PHD

An application is Judged on:

Must have a first class honors degree in masters undertaken from a recognized university.

Must provide identification copy card of the original citizenship

Must provide a sample of the highly researched thesis which needs to be propagated

Must be willing to undertake full time study in the Ukrainian university

For the international student willing to do it partly there is no that chance

The entire applicant must show high level of advanced English dialect through certified Toelf examination or other certified body by the international university.

Mode of Application

Making applications: All application should be sent to Prof Julie Sheldon

Apply through the university portal by a deadline of August All send a fair copy of personal statement with your achievement which also should include the outlines for the PhD you intend to do.

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